Heidi S. Whitaker

Ms. Whitaker fully understands that the process of preparing a successful case begins with investigating the underlying facts, thoroughly researching the law, discovering supporting evidence, and negotiating from knowledge.

To date, Ms. Whitaker has taken more than 30 cases through trial, and, she has briefed and argued many cases to the appellate courts. She has resolved hundreds of other cases through mediation, arbitration, and informal settlement discussions. Ms. Whitaker continues to build success for her clients in mediation, negotiation, trials and appeals.

Practice Areas

  • General Civil Practice
  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Civil Litigation
  • Business Formation
  • Appeals


  • Texas Wesleyan (now Texas A&M) School of Law, May 2006

Professional Affiliations and Accomplishments

  • Colorado Bar Association
  • Denver (CO) Bar Association
  • Denton County (TX) Bar Association
  • Flowermound (TX) Bar Association
  • Metro Denver Interdisciplinary Committee

Prior to studying law, Ms. Whitaker built a successful corporate career blending her undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Management Information Systems. Using an accountant’s eye for detail and a technology-based approach to processes, she found a love of the law in the Regulatory Accounting department of a public utility and in the internal audit departments of three multi-national corporations. When she enrolled in law school, Ms. Whitaker continued in her day-career in order to provide for her family as a single mother. Ms. Whitaker brings this work ethic, organization, attention to detail and dedication to each of her law clients and their cases.

Ms. Whitaker’s corporate career included developing procedures to comply with state, U.S., and foreign regulations, fraud investigations, process and financial auditing, and establishing processes and policies for start-up entities. From investigating telecommunications and multi-level marketing requirements in the United Kingdom to implementing Sarbanes-Oxley internal controls compliance procedures for a multinational financial institution, research and communication remained keys to success. Business clients receive the benefit of Ms. Whitaker’s business acumen with her legal advice.

Ms. Whitaker graduated from Texas Wesleyan (now Texas A&M) School of Law in May 2006. Less than six months after passing the Texas Bar, she successfully guided her first jury trial to a positive verdict. In her first year of practice, Ms. Whitaker authored and argued five Motions that resolved the cases in her client’s favor without the need for a trial, and sat first chair for three additional jury trials and two bench trials. Each of those cases yielded a positive result for the client.

The law is not static. Ms. Whitaker approaches each case with a fresh outlook, looking for new developments in the law to reach the best outcome for her clients. It can be dangerous to a case to use old precedent. She truly enjoys the continued learning involved in a general civil practice handling domestic relations, family law, child custody and support, estate planning, business formation, civil litigation, and appellate cases. Ms. Whitaker educates her clients about the law while pressing for the client’s desired result.

In 2014, Ms. Whitaker returned to her hometown of Boulder, Colorado. A graduate of Boulder High School, she decided it was time to live closer to family, enjoy the Rocky Mountains, and assist more people with her compassionate, pragmatic legal services. Ms. Whitaker is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, the Denver (CO) Bar Association, the Denton County (TX) Bar Association, and the Flowermound (TX) Bar Association. Ms. Whitaker has been active in the Denton County and Flower Mound Bar Associations in Texas. She served as the Vice President and President of the Flower Mound Bar Association, and took on the role of Continuing Legal Education Chair for the Denton Bench Bar in 2013. She was an active member of the Board of Directors for the Denton County Friends of the Family, which runs the women’s shelter and programs addressing domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Ms. Whitaker is continuing her service to the community in Colorado as a member of the Metro Denver Interdisciplinary Committee, which brings together the professions needed in domestic law (attorneys, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and others).

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